Psst! Smiles are contagious…pass one on.




Recently a friend shared a story about an experience she had while driving home after a weekend away. She stopped to have lunch at a well known fast food restaurant where behind the counter there was only one woman taking orders and running the cash register.

The employee greeted the ‘next in line’, a family of six, with a friendly hello and warm smile. She waited patiently as the dad tried to place their large order while juggling his four small children.

As my friend waited in line, she said she was struck immediately by the woman’s positive and friendly attitude.


When it was her turn, she too was greeted with the same enthusiasm and welcoming smile. As she sat in the dining area eating, she watched as customer after customer was treated in exactly the same manner. Each person receiving impeccable service and a genuine and friendly welcome.

Before she left, my friend went up to the woman and complimented her on her positive attitude, and infectious smile. She told her if everyone had her attitude, not only would they be happier, but so would all those around them. The woman beamed at the compliment. Then four young men, standing at the counter, spoke up and said how much they appreciated her friendly disposition as well. My friend relayed how wonderful that moment was and how we would all benefit from emulating her attitude in all we do. 

The story could have ended there but my friend went the extra mile.


After she got home, she decided to try and look up the phone number for the restaurant. It took a little bit of effort but in the end she was able to locate the number and call the manager. She wanted them to know how great the service was and what a gem they had in this employee. The manager thanked her for the call and agreed they were very fortunate to have this individual working for them. She promised to pass along the positive feedback and knew the woman would be “over the moon” with joy.

So often we focus on the negative and are quick to criticize and pass judgement. This is a wonderful reminder of the power of positivity and also how important it is to compliment and praise.

I’m not at all surprised my friend took the time to lookup the number and call the manager. That’s the kind of person she is. And in this case, someone positive, friendly, warm and kind had made her day. She was simply returning the kindness.




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