Refill please…



Yep, it’s that kind of a day!

I’m now on my third cup and think I’m finally waking up. Anyone else feeling this way? So far, I’ve had to remind myself twice it’s Tuesday not Monday. This tends to happen to me when I fly home on a Monday.

While tired this morning…it’s a very happy tired. I just returned from a long weekend with my son, daughter-in-law and precious grandson.

Each time I return home I’m reminded why it’s good to be young when you have children. You forget, or perhaps block out, how much care and tending these precious little nuggets require. “The kids”, a.k.a the parents, have done an amazing job getting and keeping him on a schedule. One could set their watch by his eat/sleep pattern.


It was a joy getting to visit and refill my tank with cuddles, feedings and giggles. Of course there were a few tears brought on by the pesky teeth trying to break through but nothing a little tylenol couldn’t fix. His tears touched my heart as much as his smiles. Just a reminder on how simple it can be. When we are happy and content we smile but when in pain or sad we cry. Opposite emotions in their most pure and honest form.

I am so grateful to the kids for always welcoming me and allowing me the privilege of lending a hand. I even got to have a “date night” of my own with him while mommy and daddy went out to celebrate their anniversary. He was the perfect date even if he was sound asleep by seven. Guess I’m not as interesting and exciting as I thought!

Getting to be a part of his life is the greatest blessing and an absolute privilege. Of course it’s different for me now. I’m more relaxed and when I’m holding him or feeding him I don’t think about anything else. There is no to-do list or future appointment on my mind. It’s just me and him. I am never more in the moment than when I’m holding him.


Of course we more seasoned (notice I avoided saying older) folks are always telling the younger people to enjoy each minute. Life passes so quickly…a blink of the eye, etc., etc. Well, it’s true. It seems like only yesterday my boys were babies and I was bouncing them on my knee. They do grow quickly and now my youngest is turning twenty-five this week. Yikes.

So to the young people I say. Life is short. Enjoy the simple “little” moments. Surround yourself with people who bring you joy. And don’t forget to do what I just did…Refill your tank when it starts to feel a bit empty.







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