Rainy Days and Mondays?



I realize I might be alone in this but with all due respect to the Carpenters who sang the tune “Rainy Days and Mondays…always get me down” and Paul Williams and Roger Nichols who wrote the lyrics, I say, I disagree. I love them both. And when they coincide? Even better!

Monday is usually a day I get much accomplished. Normally it’s a stay put, catch up on paperwork and correspondence, organize files, and pay bills, kind of day. In other words, do everything I didn’t do last week, or over the weekend because I was too busy or procrastinating. And who could get anything done this past weekend with St. Patrick’s Day and all the basketball games on?

Speaking of March Madness. I guess the first thing I should do is vacuum up all the shredded remnants of the left side of my bracket. There was no green left on that side so I didn’t see any point in keeping it around. Just a sad reminder of my poor picking ability because after all I should have known the number one and two seeds in both the south and west wouldn’t make it past round two. Right?


But alas, there is still a ray of hope. A chance the right side will come through…but I’m not holding my breath. Thankfully the pool I’m in doesn’t believe in high stakes betting. No one will need to sell the farm and the “winner” will enjoy bragging rights for a few minutes.

So, how’s your bracket holding up? Right. I agree. Let’s change the subject.

Back to rainy Mondays. I haven’t shared my favorite thing to do on a rainy Monday or any rainy day for that matter. Not that I feel the need to wait for a rainy day. It’s just I don’t feel as guilty spending a good chunk of time doing this if the weather is bad outside.


Yes it is!

On average, my city enjoys 209 sunny days per year. Leaving plenty of days for rain however the statistics show the number of days with any measurable precipitation is only 73. Not too many all day soakers, meaning on those other days, we might only have a rain shower or passing thunderstorm. Those are great too but there is nothing like a wrap yourself in a blanket, sip your coffee, read your book, kind of day. Which is why, when the opportunity presents itself, I say you should grab it!

As I type this I see the sun trying to peak through. How dare it when I haven’t had a chance to pull out my book yet. Oh well, guess I’ll just continue working and wait for the next rainy day. Or maybe think about moving to Seattle?


On…second thought. Think I’ll just grab a book, pull the shades down and pretend it’s still a rainy Monday.





photo credit: march madness live

photo credit: Amy Miles via quotes hunter

photo credit: Maya Angelou via quotes hunter

6 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Mondays?

    1. Great point! I think we all benefit when we slow the pace down every now and then.
      …And those roses should smell pretty nice today after the rain. 🙂


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